Documentary Film: Mechanical puppet made by Mirek Trejtnar

1,5 min documentary film of puppet "like robot". (below)

Documentary Film: Marionette Carving workshop

3 min documentary film. Students create marionettes during our Marionette carving workshop. (below)

Documentary Film: EU documentary project

3-min documentary film on our Marionette Carving Workshop.

Documentary film: Making of Faustus

7 min film documentary from marionette Carving and Performance workshop. See here how students carved, painted and finished puppets, which they then used in rehearsals and in show Faustus Faustus. (below)

Documentary Film: Skeleton Marionette

5-min documentary film: Carving and Manipulating Skeleton Marionette- March 2013 workshop. (below)

Documentary Film: Death can dance

Excellent demonstration of dance with marionette of death by Vera Ricarova from the performance "Piskanderdula" at the Archa Theatre