Upcoming Workshops

puppet for animation


26. April - 9. May 2019 (14 days)

Professional puppet film artists teach students the methods of building a traditional Czech film animation puppet with a metal armature. Students meet specialists in all areas: latex hands, welding armatures, animators, directors, cameramen, editors... we also spend day in a professional film studio and create pilot stop motion puppet film. We will go to the Anifilm Festival in Trebon. Students will leave with wire puppet, which can be used for stop motion animation.


Toy (Family) Puppet theatre

24. May - 7. June 2019 (15 days)

Puppeteers build a stage, set of puppets and scenery, and then create their own show directed by Prague puppet professionals. All made from wood, puppets carved and theatres collapse down into small portable boxes based on our own original design. Workshop coincides with PQ international design festival. more


Marionette Carving

13. - 29. June 2019 (17 days)

Our classic workshop in which students learn all aspects of making a traditional, wooden Czech marionette. The process includes designing puppets, making technical drawings, woodcarving, painting and puppet costume design. Plus basic aspects of manipulating different styles of marionettes. With the newly-made puppets students will make short puppet shows. more


Carving + Performance + Manipulation

5. August - 1. September 2019 (28 days)

This month-long workshop has an equal focus on CARVING a WIRE MARIONETTE and PERFORMING for the public. This workshop requires students who are in good physical condition and able to perform at outdoors at festivals several times a day in the summer heat. Students experience the whole process of making the puppet: design, technical drawings, woodcarving, painting, stringing, costume, controller. In the second half they learn how to manipulate the marionettes and how to create an original show with an ensemble under a professional puppet director.more

Here you can see photos from previous workshops.

Students perform at the Letni Letna New Circus and Theatre Festival - one of Prague's largest summer festivals- as well as at smaller venues.