Cinderella - August 2016

This fantastic performance was created by students of our August 2016 workshop and was filmed at the Letni Letna New Circus and Theatre Festival in Prague. Students made the marionettes during the first half of the workshop and then created the show with director Peter Varga. Performed by Seth Eberle, Simon Mulcahy, Thomas Dietenbach, Salila Kubitza, Victora Osborne, Alyssa Dillard, Ong Huang Chuan, Heeweon Yi, Haley Olson, Phill Jones, Gabriel Ruderman, Julie Malenfant. (below)

Faustus Faustus - August 2013

24 min film documentary. How students carved, painted and finished puppets, which they than used in rehearsal and in show Faustus Faustus. (below)

Death can dance

Excellent demonstration of dance with marionette of death by Vera Ricarova from the performance "Piskanderdula" at the Archa Theatre

Workshop performance : June 2008

Shows created and performed by students using puppets produced during our workshop.

Workshop performance: July 2008