Czech Puppet Web links

  • Theatre Institute
    Contacts to all Czech theatres, information about festivals, events, and also to various publications (including Czech Puppet Theatre Yesterday and Today).
  • Loutkar (puppetry magazine)
    Chronicle of Czech and world puppet news; the oldest magazine of puppetry in the world (90 years old in 2002). The magazine comes out 6x per year; now you can read a summary in English on the web site.

  • DAMU
    Prague Theatre Academy. University with a department of alternative and puppet theatre where students can earn MA and BA degrees.


Czech animated films

Some of the best Czech Animated Puppet films

We recommend films by...

Jiri Trnka - especially the Hand, Puppet Films of Jiri Trnka
Jan Svankmajer - Animated shorts, Alice in Wonderland, Faust,
Jiri Barta- Labyrinth of Darkness (collection of films, including The Pied Piper)
Jan Balej - One Night in One City
Fimfarum I, II, III - short films by different directors based on the same story

"You must know" - list of czech animated films organized by film historian Tana Markova.
  • Golem
  • Yuki Ona
  • Animated Film studios

    Puppet festivals

    Some of the best Czech puppet Festivals
    • One flew over a puppeteers nest (Annual in Prague, November). Czech professional and amateur puppet performances.
    • Skupa Plzen - every other year in late June at the Alfa Theatre in Plzen.
    • Festival Materinka - festival of young children's performances every other year at Naive theatre in Liberec in late June (alternating years with the Skupa Plzen festival).
    • European Theatre Festival in Hradec Kralove. A much smaller version of Avignon festival... but growing. Always includes many puppet performances.
    • Dite v Dlouhe (Children in Dlouha) - week-long festival in April of the best children's theatre. At the Dlouha theatre in Prague.
    • Prague Quadrienniel - International exhibition of scene design and theatre architecture (largest in world); has been happening every four years since 1967. PQ include workshops, exhibitions.

    Czech Puppet Theatres

    State Theatres:
    Independent Theatres:
    • Buchty a Loutky (Buns and Puppets, Prague) - company well-known for their combination of objects, classic puppets, actors, toys, and ironic humor
    • Forman Brothers - independent puppet company run by the sons of film director Milos Forman.
    • Rise Loutek (Prague) - amateur theatre company founded in Prague in the 1920s; theatre where UNIMA was created in 1928