Performance and Carving workshop august 2019

Once again, our students brought joy to hundreds of children at Prague's amazing Letni Letna New Circus and Theatre Festival.

In a month, we created magical marionettes and then - under the direction of puppeteer Peter Varga - a fantastic performance of Šipkova Ruzenka (Sleeping Beauty)

Students: Christopher Dufault (Canada), John Bowers(USA), Kaija Brunyate (UK), Simon Mika(Czech), Irena Gobernik (USA), Ruth Coppersmith (USA), Patrice Poor (USA), Jeanne Lauzier(Canada), Maitane Goni Hernandez(Spain), Johana Trejtnar (Czech).

stork Peter Varga at festival stork stork Kaija Brunyate King by John Bower, Queen by Maitane Hernandez Maitane Hernandez, puppet by Kaija Brunyate Maitane Hernandez, puppet by Kaija Brunyate stork acrobat Ruth Coppersmith Ruth Coppersmith Johana Trejtnarstork

Maitane, Patrice, Christopherprince by Irena Gobernik strong man strong man John Bowers Johana Trejtnar audience group