four dancers marionette- october 2017


For the first time in our workshop, students made the traditional dancers puppet- one controller, four marionettes that all move in tandem. Puppets made by: Chloe Tremblay(Canada), Kristina Skantze (Sweden), Sue Van Wassenhove (USA), Katie Hill (USA), Lois Conlan (UK), Merrin Cordner (Australia), Erin Suarez-Blitar (USA)

Kristina Skantze Kristina Skantze Chloe Tremblay Chloe Tremblay Merrin Cordner Merrin Cordner Erin Suarez-Bitnar Erin Suarez-Bitnar Katie Hill Katie Hill Sue Van Wassenhove Four Heads Lois Conlan Lois Conlan group Four Bodies