Learn with us the art of carving traditional Czech wooden marionettes, of designing stop motion animation puppets, of manipulation and performance.

Latest news from Puppets in Prague


Skeleton 2015

Here are newly made puppets of Skeleton - old traditional acrobatic marionette - made by 8 talented artists.

posted 16.3.2015

Don Juan

For performance of old traditional puppet play Don Juan Mirek made new, but old looking marionettes.

posted 15.3.2015


Mirek Trejtnar and Tana Markova have completed WHAT TO TELL THE KIDS, a documentary, that uses animated toys to explain the Velvet Revolution 1989. Premiere on the 25th anniversary at the site of the demonstration. Click here to see website of this film!

posted 16.11.2014

15 Year Reunion

Calling all PIP alumni - come to Prague to celebrate, June 2015!


New workshops 2015

Skeletons, Marionettes and Film puppets plus a NEW worskhop on FAMILY (TOY) PUPPET THEATRES. Come carve with us!

posted 8.10.

Photos from show Pozoooorrr vlllk!

Students created and performed "Watch out for the Wolf!!!!!!" for hundreds of people at Czech festivals with puppets they made in our August workshop...just click.
posted 12.9.
puppet nad boy

Photos from August Puppet Carving and Manipulation Workshop

Students working on puppets and final puppets made in our august workshop...just click.
posted 10.9.

Photos from puppet carving Workshop July

The July workshop is finished; see how we made our puppets here...just click.
posted 5.7.

Photos from puppet carving Workshop June

The June workshop is finished, here are photos of new puppets and the process of making them....just click.
posted 31.6.

Photos from Puppet for Film Animation Workshop May

Photos from the workshop and of finished puppets...just click. Plus see short FILM made by students on our video page.
posted 23.5.

Skeleton puppets

This time we have four new amazing Skeletons. Click and see...
posted 14.4. 2014